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Horn of Africa Insurance Company (HOAIC) offers general insurance products in the Horn of Africa region of Africa. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality coverage with the highest level of customer service. HOAIC is fully compliant with islamic insurance principles.

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    When we set up Horn of Africa Insurance, over 99% of the countries’ cars and assets were uninsured. Traders and businesses were experiencing major losses from incidents such as fires and boat accidents, and there was no recourse or compensation.

    Today we can safely say we are changing this.


    3.6 million.


    Somali, Arabic, English

    Major religion



    Somaliland shilling.

    Learn About Somaliland

    Capital City – Hargeisa. Population – 3,6 million

    Somaliland was the first country to use Biometric Iris scanning voting system for its most recent Presidential elections. This is the most advanced voting register system in the world. Somaliland has one of the cheapest mobile phone call rates in the entire world. It has the highest percentage of mobile payment transactions in the world. Even Bill Gates acknowledged Somaliland for being the frontrunner in this field.

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